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Not even a working title yet. Grabbed one of my fave pixel artists spritepacks from his Itch page and just started working and let stream of consciousness and coding do the rest.

A D OR Left Right arrows OR Left gamepad stick to move left and right

W S OR Up Down OR Left gamepad stick to move up and down ladders

Space bar OR gamepad button 1 to jump and get off of ladders

Make sure that you grab the spinning key  for the door, otherwise you cannot exit the stage!

Will add more as time and low effort allow!

Not very low effort, but I have added in a leaderboard; just type your name in once you finish (PLEASE keep it kid friendly!) and your calculated score will be put up on the leaderboard here: http://loweffortjam9.42web.io/

Special thanks go out to:

polyphorge - Use of small 4x4 spritesheet and retro char spritepack and some palette work between them. Come visit his Discord server!

Doug Terhune - creation of amazing music track and sounds

videodante on Itch - Use of tiny pixel font

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Tags2D, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


LowEffortJam9v0-3.zip 2 MB
LowEffortJam9v0-2.zip 2 MB
LowEffortJam9v0-1.zip 1 MB

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